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lacatoniPresentationLacatoni is a brand specialize in of sports equipment. Knowed by a positive attitude and an entrepreneurial character, it has 30 years of experience on the market.The customer is the priority. Lacatoni distinguishes itself by offering a personalized service and excellence.The talent of all its professional differentiated the capacity of Lacatoni to bet on rigor and high performance to find creative and innovative solutions. HistoryThe Lacatoni was born in 1988 by young and enterprising spirit of three great friends linked to the sports area, which formed an ambitious project in the production and marketing of sports equipment.”Lacatoni” is the result of an anagram containing part of the name of each of its three co-founders: Alberto Pereira (Lakota), Carlos Carvalhal (Ca) and António Soares (Toni).Starting to equip local clubs, the Lacatoni grew during the 90s and quickly won several clubs of different modalities of national sport. Currently Lacatoni carries production and marketing activities in an area of 6000 square meters with excellent infrastructure, from its headquarters in Braga. In order to create greater geographical opportunities were created Showrooms in Porto, Coimbra, Lisbon, Elvas, Leiria, Madeira and the Azores and prospective commercial side. Internationally, the position of Lacatoni has been strengthened in Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, Norway and England.In 2015, Lacatoni decided, taking into account their presence in an increasingly competitive market, make a change in their identity, creating the logo that now displays. This new initiative aimed to continue the unique and distinctive visual element of the company, “L”, giving it more visual dynamism. In this context, also the signature mark was changed into the Lacatoni to present itself as “Your sport, your choice.” Along with the metamorphosis of idea, transformation or evolution as inspiring themes of this change, Lacatoni decided to seek new ways to strengthen proximity with its customers, adopting a new way of being and to position itself in the market by placing a greater focus on online.Lacatoni holds a great influence on the domestic market in all sports, having been fitted, over the years, some of the top football teams, Handball, Basketball, Volleyball, Roller Hockey and Futsal. Also the Olympic Committee of Portugal and all the teams skating Portuguese Federation are part of its honorable partner list. MissionWith an excellent service and superior quality of its products, Lacatoni intends to surpass all expectations and make all those who use their products in a team to overcome each and every challenge.The concern of meeting the needs of employees, customers, partners and suppliers, as well as continuous investment in the renovation and modernization of facilities and equipment, make Lacatoni of the national of the market for companies (if not the only) to compete with some of the big global brands. GoalsCreate a team to win requires effort and dedication and, above all, motivation to achieve success. Our goals are:

  • Grow in a structured and sustainable way;
  • Meet customer needs;
  • To win and retain customers, exceeding expectations with an excellent service;
  • Betting on professionalism, accuracy, high performance and creative and innovative solutions.

 VisionBeing a brand of excellence, innovative and creative solutions recognized in the national and international sports market. ValuesThe positive attitude of Lacatoni is guided by the values that inspires:- Responsibility- Determination to achieve results- Optimism- Dynamism and adaptability- Tecnologic innovation- Arrojo and entrepreneurial spirit- Commitment, transparency and honesty- Proximity and flexibility- Autonomy, freedom and responsibility- Generosity and solidarityIn addition to its attitude, Lacatoni differs also by:- Partnerships with sports bodies recognized in national and international markets.- Quality equipment with the best price guarantee.- After-sales service with 100% satisfaction (the Lacatoni takes to repair or replace the product if necessary).- Implementation deadlines Guarantee custom orders swift.  Social responsabilityThe concept of ‘social responsibility’ was introduced in the business jargon at the beginning of the millennium, and states that companies should voluntarily contribute to a fairer society and a cleaner environment (definition of the Green Paper of the European Commission, 2001 ).Lacatoni argues that companies can and should play a broader role in society, and believes that we must invest in education and development of children and young people to build a better world every day. In this context, Lacatoni has developed its social responsibility acting on two ways: promotion of sport as a school of values for children, and support to higher education and training of disadvantaged young people.In 2004 we initiated a sports and social project that resulted in the creation of Lacatoni Academy. The Academy Lacatoni is much more than a football academy, is a reference Academy for the values it stands, with football as a way to educate. The principles we defend are:

  • Educating for knowledge, skills and know how to be in sports and in life;
  • Motivating young people in school (100% school success is our goal to all our students);
  • Develop a dynamic company-children-family-community.

More information on Academica Lacatoni here.In another angle, including young people in higher education, Lacatoni, through the Lions Club of Braga, is part of the group of companies that aids annually the Social Emergency Fund of the University of Minho, whose funds are used to award grants study and emergency aid to less advantage students of Minho Academy that, for some reason, are unable to access state social action system. R & D  Project“Creating innovation with applicability in the market”Lacatoni is currently involved in an R & D project to the developed multi-functional sports clothing, with the purpose to maximize the performance of the athlete. This project is being carried out in partnership with the University of Minho, a international prestigious institution on textile area.The research is led by Professor Raul Fangueiro that has a vast curriculum in this area. Doctoral degree in Textile Engineering and expert in EU Technology Platform, leads a large research group whose work has been published in numerous specialty conferences around the world, from China to the US, through India and several European countries.The first phase of this work consisted of a comparative study of football equipment of various brands on the market. Thus, several materials were tested in terms of comfort, in particular as regards the moisture management, temperature control, drop of dampening, among others.The most important conclusion from the work done at this early stage is that the articles provided by Lacatoni have similar performance to the leading brands, and in some of the tests performed, managed to have a higher performance.