“Light Breath”: an innovative technology made in Lacatoni

“Light Breath”: an innovative technology made in Lacatoni


Lacatoni has developed a new technology, called “Light Breath”.

In order to improve the performance of athletes, Lacatoni invested in creating a t-shirt with a breathable zone, which allows the transfer of sweat to the outside. This particular feature enables the athlete a proper thermoregulation, therefore allowing a unique freedom of movement during the activity.

“Light Breath” technology is based on the development of strategically placed holes to allow a higher thermoregulation, extending the feeling of coolness of the body. With this approach it is possible to lower the body temperature and therefore reduce perspiration thereof. Thus, the athlete’s performance is enhanced because the skin is kept fresh and comfortable.

This technology is already present in the equipment for the 2015/16 season some teams Lacatoni provides.

With nearly 30 years of experience, Lacatoni decided to invest in a new way to affirm itself on the market, offering a more comfortable alternative to physical exercise. The “Light Breath” technology is also a proof of the concern that Lacatoni intends to demonstrate in keeping abreast of technological innovations in relation to its market segment, always seeking the best solutions for their clients.